Matt Kelehan as Dave
Matt Kelehan was born in San Angelo, Texas in 1976. Aside from a stirring performance as an extra in The Never Ending Story (yes, he was actually in the film), Kelehan makes his film debut in Nebraska Supersonic. Matt has acted in the theater for 11 years. In 1999, he graduated from Omaha's Creighton University with a BA in Theater. He's rather thin but insists "the camera takes away 25 pounds." 

Jesse Joyner as Stan
Jesse Joyner was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1979. He makes his acting debut in Nebraska Supersonic. Joyner lives in Omaha, where he enjoys life worry-free. It’s remarkable. 

Sonny Robinson as Cal
Sonny Robinson was born in Houston, Texas in 1981. Trained as a ballet dancer, Robinson makes his film debut in Nebraska Supersonic. Sonny met director Jeremy Lerman on the set of Omaha native Alexander Payne's Election, where Lerman worked as a Production Assistant and Robinson as an actor (Sonny's scenes are not in the final cut, a fact that makes him cranky). He is currently in New York, where he has studied at the Alvin Ailey Dance Center, performed with Dance Theatre of Harlem and continues to pursue acting. 

Jeremy Lerman—Director, Writer, Producer, Director of Photography, Editor
Jeremy Lerman was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1975. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Communications and English. He has since studied filmmaking at New York University and acting at Judith Weston Studio. He worked as a Production Assistant on fellow Omaha-native Alexander Payne's features Citizen Ruth and Election.

Prior to Nebraska Supersonic, Lerman made over a dozen short films. You might have heard the substantial "buzz" (or "hype") his films have generated at Lerman Thanksgiving gatherings. Lerman's Prairie Dog Productions, LLC produced Nebraska Supersonic, his first feature film. He cites The Simpsons as his greatest comedy writing influence. In addition to production duties on the film, Lerman plays the role of Jerry Lemon.

The screenplay for his latest project, CENTRAL, was selected for the Film Independent (IFP/LA) Screenwriters Lab and won an invitation to the CineStory Competition Retreat. He is currently fundraising for CENTRAL--and riding his hog (if "hog" means "bike") in Omaha and New York.

Matt Wasowski—Associate Producer, Production Designer
Matt Wasowski was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1975. He has written 5 screenplays. In addition to production duties on Nebraska Supersonic, Wasowski appears in the role of Fred (the naked guy at the office). Wasowski and director Lerman were classmates at The University of Pennsylvania. He lives in Brooklyn. 

Florian Schura—Producer for Production, Assistant Director
Florian Schura was born in Germany in 1977. At age 11, his family relocated to rural England. Schura has made short documentaries for UK television, and is currently producing a Troma TV series for the UK. In addition to production duties on Nebraska Supersonic, Schura appears in the roles of porn actor Peter Prodher and the enthusiastic Cyclist. He lives in Los Angeles. 

Ash L'Ange—Producer for Production, Casting Director
Ash L'Ange was born at some point in the mid 1970’s. L'Ange, along with childhood friend Florian Schura, has shot a music video, several short films and documentaries. In addition to production duties on Nebraska Supersonic, L'Ange appears in the roles of porn actor Sir Schlongsolong and the misguided Carrot. He lives in London.