Supersonic Wins 2!

Park City -- At the No Dance Film Festival awards ceremony, held January 24, Nebraska Supersonic Writer/Director Jeremy Lerman won Best Screenplay, and the film won the Golden Orbs Award, given annually for the most innovative marketing campaign on the mountain.

On Monday, the film celebrated its World Premiere with an enthusiastic screening. By that evening, Supersonic enjoyed a solid buzz around town. Tuesday, at the second screening, the theater was packed, forcing organizers to turn patrons away.

The media took note.  Nebraska Supersonic found its way into several publications, including the Houston Chronicle,, the San Francisco Examiner, IndieWIRE Daily, American Cinematographer,,, the Omaha World-Herald, and onto the front page of the Ogden Standard-Examiner. Our mascot, the Honorable Lindsey Miller-Lerman (Jeremy's mom) in a sandwich board, could even be glimpsed on CNN Headline News.  Please see REVIEWS.

On Main Street, actor Matt Kelehan, hiding behind 70's rock star sunglasses, found himself mobbed by fans and paparazzi.  Fighting his way to the limo, the scene was utter chaos!  [Or perhaps it was more like a handful of people--and not all at once--who paused to compliment him on his performance in the film. And there were no photographers. And the limo was for Hanson.  At any rate, folks had nice things to say and he DID have sunglasses, but they came from a gas station.]

Also during the week...parties, snowboarding, industry contacts, a bikini contest, a hot tub, wonderful art, crap art, old friends, new friends, and Ron Jeremy.


Photos--Park City!