Hometown Support at Omaha Premiere!


Omaha, NE -- Omaha on crack!  At the hometown premiere of Nebraska Supersonic, Saturday evening, a crowd of several hundred gathered to laugh with, cheer for, and cry over a film that professes to be "...like a greyhound on crack."  Please note: The crying was likely personal issues; the film is a comedy.

After the screening, the party moved to Chuck E. Cheese's.  Tokens lead to skeeball; skeeball lead to prize tickets; tickets lead to temporary tattoos.

Press coverage of the premiere:

The Reader: "Nebraska Supersonic is easily the funniest comedy projected on a movie screen this year or last." 

statepaper.com: "The movie is irreverent, bawdy and funny. It serves as a strong statement for Lerman's talents."

Thank you to all who helped make the film and this event so successful.


Photos--Omaha Premiere!


Projection provided by Dog and Pony Productions 402-391-7691


Posted Prior to Screening:

Omaha, NE -- Nebraska Supersonic will celebrate its Omaha Premiere on May 26th, 7:30 PM, at the Omaha Community Playhouse (6915 Cass St).  We'll sell tickets ($5) the evening of the show, beginning at 6:30 PM, in the Playhouse lobby.  All tickets will be general admission, so please arrive early for better seats and to glug glug at the cash bar in the lobby--bar opening at 7PM.  Semi-formal attire suggested, but anything will do.

The movie is unrated. However, so no one's surprised, the film contains brief nudity, some pot smoking, and a fair amount of swearing--arguably an unfair amount of swearing.

Party afterwards will be at Chuck E. Cheese's (225 N.76th St)!

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