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The Reader: "Nebraska Supersonic is easily the funniest comedy projected on a movie screen this year � or last!"  --Timothy Schaffert

The Village Voice: "The subject is pictorial, the actors are amusing and endearing!" --Amy Taubin

San Francisco Examiner: "Among the more engaging No Dance offerings: 'Nebraska Supersonic,' an amiable comedy about three recent college grads who defy the odds and make a success of a bicycle messenger service in -- of all places -- Omaha, Neb." --Joe Leydon "Buy my movie. Please."

Houston Chronicle:  "actor Matt Kelehan attracted positive attention in writer/director Jeremy Lerman's 'Nebraska Supersonic,' a comic tale of bicycle messengers on the Great Plains. The film took home the festival prize for best screenplay." --Joanne Harrison

American Cinematographer: "Throw in a few bong hits, a little partial-nudity and a handful of bicycles, and you've got a downright entertaining little movie!" --Jeff Guerrero "The movie is irreverent, bawdy and funny. It serves as a strong statement for Lerman's talents." --Gail Folda

Bike Magazine: Napoleon Dynamite, Breaking Away, and Quicksilver mixed together! "This movie will have you laughing from the very beginning!" --DJ Chi Wai "In the spirit of some twisted Wes Andersen-inspired cycling movie comes Nebraska Supersonic!" --John Prolly "All the makings of a cult favorite — especially with cyclists!" --Wade Wallace "NoDance Year 4 has closed up shop for the year, and here are the best of the bunch..." "They come before you do...hopefully." "A hilarious comedy about three bicycle delivery men!" --Andreas "Napoleon Dynamite for cyclists!",7226,25008,00.html

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"Nebraska Supersonic may be the funniest movie ever made!" --tweet by 10TimesOne, Nico Crisafulli

"Thank you!  We thoroughly enjoyed your film at the No Dance Festival. Enjoyed story, humor, great music, filming, editing, etc. My colleagues and I have been quoting funny lines since seeing the movie!" --John Mallory

"Saw movie at No Dance -- it was great!" --Caryn Brown

"Saw the flick at the nodance. so totally dug it!!!" --Carin H.

�I saw it at No Dance and laughed my tail end off. I'm happy to see something fresh and new�it wasn't like anything else I had ever seen before. Incredibly funny and unique.� --John D Mattingly

"It was fresh, brand new, Generation-X. I would call it a deluxe magnetic piece." --Sam Wehbe

"Performances are natural and 'real' despite the absurd nature of the plot. A great effort for a filmmaker with much promise." --Arts Lover, user review,

"I saw the film at the ReelRoundtable. It was great!!!  I laughed my behind off."--Mike W.

"I saw 'Nebraska Supersonic' last night at the Ross Film Theater.  It was great and I will definitely recommend it to others...Great entertainment."--Katie N.

"Thought it was really great.  Love your work.  Keep making films and writing."--Myron R.

"It spoke to my generation." --John Amdor, 8th Grade



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