In Omaha, Nebraska, three slackers manage to graduate from college. CAL, STAN and DAVE, all sub-par French majors, get hired and promptly fired from temp jobs.

     Since CAL, STAN and DAVE can't hold onto jobs, they start their own business: package delivery…on bicycles. While a business built on pedal-power makes perfect sense in a compact New York or Boston, bike couriers don't exist, and wisely so, on the vast Great Plains. No matter. CAL, STAN and DAVE see a niche market. Their company, "Nebraska Supersonic," gets regular routes between Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, a 120-mile jaunt that, despite the distance, they find “rather refreshing.” As unlikely as the venture seems in farmland and suburbia, they win over a loyal (and oddball) customer base with their punctuality, courtesy and good hygiene. 
     As Nebraska Supersonic grows, troubles arise. CAL is offered a tempting job by the competition, corporate giant Fancy Express. After being robbed of an ice cream delivery, STAN decides to become a cop, a fitting job as he "already has most of the required prejudices." DAVE secretly longs to be a baker and share his unusual culinary creations (teriyaki cupcakes etc.) with the world. Their company and, more importantly, their friendship are at risk. 

    And who is "Doody" Judy?

    Writer/Director Jeremy Lerman brings us this film-festival favorite, a comedy with "The subtly warped style of Bottle Rocket or Swingers." (Timothy Schaffert, The Reader)